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If you cannot use the latest operating system, you should still make sure to regularly update your respective device. Because hackers just love outdated systems!

Are you still running a computer with an older Windows or macOS version? Then you should check whether updates are available for your device - and make sure to immediately install them. Outdated systems are an easy target for Internet fraudsters to exploit vulnerabilities and smuggle in some malware.

Ever since a so-far unknown system vulnerability has been published recently, hackers have been attacking Windows 7 devices. Since the deadline for providing support has not expired yet, Microsoft immediately reacted and published an update to patch this vulnerability. Windows 7 users should therefore install this as soon as they can.

Large software manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple and Google offer security patches even for their older version operating systems. At least for a certain amount of time. However, you should make absolutely sure to switch to the latest version of your operating system (currently Windows 10 and macOS 10.14) by the time such updates are no longer published at the very latest.

Further information on this can be found under our step 4 – prevention with software updates.

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