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Summertime is holiday time - unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to cyber criminals. Currently, fraudulent support calls and phishing/ransom mails are doing the rounds.

Over the last few days, fraudsters succeeded in obtaining several tens of thousands of francs by contacting their victim by phone and purporting to be Microsoft or Apple employees. Pretending that there has been a hacking attack on their victims' e-banking or e-mail account, the fraudsters succeed in gaining their trust. During the course of the telephone call, they then obtain control over their victims’ computer and thus also over their e-banking facility.

With the help of phishing mails, criminals also keep trying to capture passwords and other confidential e-banking user details. These e-mails often seem to come from reputable companies and ask victims to click on a link or open an attachment. This then calls up a faked website, for instance of a bank, where a banking Trojan is installed. This serves fraudsters to capture access data for a victim’s e-banking facility.

There currently is also an increasing number of ransom attempts via e-mail, with criminals pretending to have compromising images or videos of their victim in their possession. They threaten to publish those if no ransom is paid. With the help of this scam, called “fake sextortion”, criminals have managed to get their hands on several hundreds of thousands of Swiss francs.

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